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VIRTUS - Fingerprinting

The Los Angeles Archdiocese REQUIRES that ALL school volunteers/chaperones are Fingerprinted & Virtus trained. We sincerely thank you for your time and service!

VIRTUS Training Class

Parents who have not yet taken the Virtus Certification class, "Safeguarding the Children" or a re-certification class, "Keeping the Promise Alive" can look for and register for a class at


  • Click on "Registration"

  • Click on "View Sessions"

  • Select "Los Angeles - San Fernando Region (Archdiocese)" or "Los Angeles - Santa Barbara Region Archdiocese".

  • Class name, "Protecting God's Children for Adults". Class time 3 hours. Parents are to contact the phone number of the Parish to register for class.

  • After attending class, please bring a copy of class certificate to the school office to be placed on file.

  • Class certification and re-certification is valid for 4 years. On-line recertification class, "Keeping the Promise Alive" is available HOWEVER - you must speak to class instructor (Keeping God's Children Alive) for on-line set-up.



Parents and family members can register for free fingerprinting with the Archdiocese.


Application forms are available in the school office. 


Appointments are necessary, but the services are free. An individual needs to be fingerprinted only once via LiveScan Fingerprinting. If you have been fingerprinted by a different service/organization, you may need to be fingerprinted by LiveScan. 

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