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St. Rose Move-A-Thon 

Donate to the St. Rose of Lima School Move-A-Thon!

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March 18th, 2022

What is the Move-a-Thon?

The Move-A-Thon is St. Rose’s largest fundraiser of the year! Families, friends, and neighbors pledge money to support the students, staff & priests as they jog or walk in the Move-A-Thon, which takes place during the regular school day. Participants run (or jog, walk, skip, etc.) laps around the school field (different sized tracks are set up for different age levels) during a set amount of time. All students participate as part of their regular physical fitness program unless there is a medical reason why the student should not participate.

How is money raised? 

Before the day of the Move-A-Thon, each student obtains pledges and donations in support of his/her Move-A-Thon efforts. Sponsors may sign up to pledge a flat dollar amount and/or a per lap donation. Our goal is to raise at least $25,000.  

We need event sponsors and donations for runners.  Ask us to find out how easy it is to participate!  And all donations are tax-deductible!


Where will the funds go? 

ALL of the money raised goes back directly into the school. Most of the proceeds go toward a school improvement or project pre-approved by the Parent Board, Principal, and School Board. Funds also go toward campus improvements and upgrades to keep our campus looking great and functioning well for everyone!


How can I sponsor a student, staff member, or priest? 

We have an easy and safe online system, or you can donate through the rectory, school office, or directly to a student! You can either pledge a set amount, or an amount per lap (the average jogger usually runs 60+ laps).  Please make sure you note the name of the runner on your donation so they get credit for your tax-deductible donation! 


What are the student incentives? 

Students have the chance to win lots of great prizes, including cash, pizza parties, fun merchandise, and gift cards! Also, in the past students who have brought in $500 or more in pledges/Sponsorships, can have a "School Day" at Universal Studios Hollywood!  Top Prizes are awarded for most funds submitted in total pledges and sponsors.  Can't wait to see what is available for the 2020/2021 school year!  Stay tuned!


Can I get involved? 

ABSOLUTELY! There are many opportunities to help out with this event before, during, and after! We will send out email announcements with links for volunteer opportunities via Sign Up Genius.  The kids love to see their parents at this event!

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