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Elementary: Kindergarten-Grade 5

Often a child’s first exposure to a structured learning environment, elementary school is an important experience. If children are excited about and successful in their learning efforts during these years, they are more likely to approach further education with confidence and enthusiasm.


St. Rose of Lima has developed an elementary school program that emphasizes active learning experiences in a nurturing, supportive, and exciting environment.


St. Rose of Lima School Students:


  • Are challenged to reach their God-given potential, to strive for excellence in all they do through the integration of faith and learning.

  • Excel academically through a traditional curriculum integrated with modern teaching techniques.

  • Enjoy our 1:1 iPad program in Grades 4 and 5, which greatly enhances student engagement.

  • Have dedicated iPad stations in their room (Kindergarten-Grade 3), which they use to participate in learning games and creative technology projects.

  • Participate in off-campus field trips to learn through life experiences.

  • On average, score above grade level on nationally recognized standardized tests.


At St. Rose of Lima, students share God’s love, parents gather in service, and teachers demonstrate the spiritual truths found in the Word of God. Bible lessons are taught daily and mass is held weekly.  St. Rose of Lima’s religious curriculum teaches children the need for a personal relationship with God and fosters spiritual and moral development in our students.

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