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Faculty and Staff

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 Kindergarten Teacher:  Marissa Strauch
3rd Grade Teacher:  Mayra Perry
      Grade 3 Instructional Aide:  Gina Fama
4th Grade Teacher:  Jennifer Lopez
      Grade 4 Instructional Aide:  John Kowalski
5th Grade Teacher:  Eduardo Wyatt
      Grade 5 Instructional Aide:  TBD
6th Grade Teacher:  Samantha Ramos
7th Grade Teacher:  Lupita Powers
8th Grade Teacher:  Judy Windle
5th-8th Grade Science Teacher:  Lupita Powers
Athletic Director:  Saulinda Armstrong
Art Teacher: Shantel Kuntuzos
Extended Care Director:  Rosi Madrid
Receptionist:  Karen Shea
Technology Coordinator:  Joseph Bartalo
Facilities Manager:  Norm Ouellette
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