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Benefits of Being a Student Athlete

Participation in sports helps build self-esteem and confidence, motivates children to excel academically, builds social skills, and teaches the benefits of goal-setting and practice. Student athletes have fun while staying healthy. What could be better?


Student athletes also learn to trust in their own abilities and push themselves. Constructive criticism is a major part of sports participation, and student athletes learn to accept such criticism and use it to their benefit. It also provides a way for young people to learn how to deal with competition and how to cope with both winning and losing. 


Sports have been shown to improve the learning performance of children and young people, encouraging school attendance and a desire to succeed academically. Student athletes can apply the same principles of dedication and hard work learned through sports participation to their studies.


Sports participation promotes health and wellness not only during childhood and adolescence, but all throughout a person’s lifetime.


Through participation in sports, student athletes learn about the importance of key values such as:

  • honesty

  • teamwork

  • fair play

  • respect for themselves and others

  • adherence to rules



Get on the path to health, growth, and success today. Become a student athlete at St. Rose!

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