Middle School

(Grades 6-8)

The bridge between elementary school and high school can sometimes be a rocky road. St. Rose of Lima’s middle school program is committed to smoothing this road as much as possible, both educationally and personally. The program provides a transition through the crucial period of physical, emotional, and intellectual development between childhood and early adolescence.


St. Rose of Lima Middle School is designed to meet the needs, interests, and abilities of students who seek a challenging learning environment. Behavioral standards are held high to allow teachers to focus on helping students grow in knowledge.
Academic subjects prepare students for high school and beyond. The academic program includes opportunities both for the development of basic skills and for acceleration and advancement. But academic development goes beyond learning facts and being introduced to information. It includes learning problem-solving skills, inquiry, research, and discovery, as well as oral and written communication skills.

We strive to offer both academic and personal experiences that help individuals accept changes in themselves and others. Through a rich and rewarding community service program, coupled with a strong spiritual program, students begin their journey to self-awareness and develop their sense of caring and concern for others.

St. Rose Middle School students:

  • Rotate classes throughout the school day, thereby experiencing different teachers and teaching styles.
  • Learn through practice how to better organize themselves and utilize their student agendas.
  • Learn from dynamic teachers who utilize advanced technology, including iPADs, LCD projectors, and ELMO document cameras to create interactive learning environments.
  • Experience increased personal responsibility, which is excellent early preparation for high school.
  • ALL have individual iPads that they use daily for schoolwork and projects (at school and at home). We have seen some amazing results so far!


Sixth Grade

The Sixth Grade at St. Rose of Lima Catholic School provides a foundation of faith, organization and intellectual stimulation which become part of our young people’s daily lives. Our caring, passionate teachers recognize that young students naturally question opinions and beliefs as they formulate their own moral standards and values. We use this bridge of time to instill skills of evaluative thought and exploration. Coupled with nationally-recognized programs in writing and critical thinking, students explore classic readings and contemporary issues within current events, such as world hunger.

There are several field trips throughout the year, including Archaeology of the Near East at the Skirball eDSCN0687Museum – Students participate in a model “dig”; California Science Center – We learn about the history of technology ; Outdoor School at Camp Alegre – A four day -three night, overnight adventure in science and environmental studies.

Seventh Grade

Our Seventh Grade curriculum is faith-filled, diversified and exciting.

  • Students actively participate and read all genres of literature as readers or writers of poetry.
  • The implementation of the 6+1 Writing Traits form our writing standards are used throughout all subject areas.
  • Students are actively involved in science labs and lecture for a more hands-on approach to science.
  • Students utilize their math text book for everyday reinforcement and guided practice.
  • Students share in a positive filled religious experience here at St. Rose and are welcomed to partake in the mass as altar servers, lectures or choir members.
  • Students actively participate in extracurricular field trips such as the three day excursion to Catalina and also Medieval Times.eDSCN0758JCPhoto_0010

Eighth Grade

Eighth Grade students prepare both academically and spiritually for their transition to high school.

  • The curriculum is aligned with the California State and The Los Angles Archdiocesan STARS Language Arts Standards.
  • Students in the eighth grade demonstrate leadership on campus. Eighth grade students work with the second grade class to help prepare them for their First Holy Eucharist. Students also lead the student body in daily prayer.
  • Eighth grade students will visit the Museum of Tolerance, the Reagan Library for off campus learning. They also have the opportunity to travel to Washington D.C. in May.
  • Each eighth grade student will prepare a multi-genre essay and presentation detailing his/her experience at St. Rose of Lima based on the Schoolwide Learning Expectations. The project will be a culmination of their spiritual and academic growth.
  • As a graduation incentive, students who maintain academic and behavioral excellence have an opportunity to attend a class field trip to Magic Mountain at the end of the school year.